[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 1.0.4 LTS : many fixes, some critical

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Mar 10 14:28:51 GMT 2017


This update fixes a large number of bugs, some of which are critical.

The most critical fix is for a regression in the 1.0 branch which can
cause the whole server to abort.
The overly zealous memory barrier added in 1.0.3 turned out to be a
false alarm and has been reverted.
The rest of the fixes are all over the codebase: platform fixes and
updates, html5 client, dbus handling, system tray, etc.

Release notes:
* fix info queries causing server crashes
* fix unguarded access to X11 functions
* fix quality and speed values skewed by locked batch delay
* fix csc libyuv packaging on Mac OS
* fix dbus import failures causing fatal error
* fix gtk menu dbus error handler
* fix Gdk import warnings
* fix shared socket creation failures causing fatal error
* fix multi-monitor wheel scroll offset on MS Windows
* fix client paint failures with very small CSC sizes
* fix unlikely encoding selection error with rgb strict mode
* fix connection errors when an invalid sharing option is used
* fix speed setting not updated when batch delay is locked
* fix environment variable name used for disabling X11 bindings
* fix some glib timer warnings, clear them after use
* fix printer forwarding with Mac OS shadow servers (partial)
* fix Mac OS workarea calculations
* fix missing header file from setuptools source archives
* fix audio forwarding errors on some Linux distributions
* fix errors with xvfb not supporting XShm
* fix error in scrolling detection fallback case
* fix race condition in scrolling detection code causing artifacts
* fix systray geometry issues on some distributions
  (not responding to clicks)
* fix some inaccessible drop down menus with Mac OS clients
* fix HTML5 client failing to acknowledge paint packets
* fix HTML5 client capslock state detection
* remove HTML5 client unnecessary debug logging
* safer dbus cleanup code
* honour "show upload" option in Mac OS application menu
* Mac OS menu shows "Disconnect" instead of "Quit",
  "Xpra" instead of "Launcher"
* Mac OS modules update: sshpass, opus, numpy, python-xxhash, lzo
* deiconify windows when they get mapped (more correct)
* restore software mp3 decoding in HTML5 client
* revert overly zealous memory access barrier
* run uninstaller before install on MS Windows

The source:
Direct binary downloads:


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