[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 1.0.5 LTS : many minor fixes, one potentially critical

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Mar 29 12:03:22 BST 2017


The critical fix is for a server crash with short-lived
override-redirect windows (ie: tooltips). This particular xpra source
code has not changed in years so if your server isn't crashing, it's
probably not worth worrying too much about this one.

The rest of the fixes are mostly minor fixes: HTML5 client, sockets
permissions, proxy server, some packaging, etc.
Upgrading is recommended.

Release notes:
* fix X11 server crashes with very short-lived OR windows
* fix compatibility with python-lz4 0.9.0 (API breakage)
* fix paint order with HTML5 client
* fix scroll paints with HTML5 client
* fix resource leak in HTML5 client
* fix spurious errors recorded in a rare race condition running lpinfo
* fix RPM dependencies of python3 package
* fix missing screen bit depth with Mac OS clients
* fix absolute bind paths handled as relative locations
* fix handling of "socket-dir" option in backwards compatible way
* fix socket group permissions failures more gracefully
* fix proxy server control socket path issues
* fix exit-with-client and server shutdown race conditions
* fix missing window paint refresh with some posix window managers
* support more CUDA architectures for NVENC
* try to ensure the tmpfiles.d directory is created on RPM install
* workaround lost window events using a higher default initial
  resolution (4k)
* add missing "auto" encoding option to the MacOS menu
* try harder to ensure the correct sound DEB dependencies are installed
* increase socket timeout to prevent session probing failures
* better xsettings synchronization code (actually catch errors there)
* remove XShm debug logging from regular output
* add missing indentation in man page, help page
* RPM packaging of tmpfiles.d config
* MacOS library updates: libpng, python-lz4, libepoxy, python
 cryptography, libpng

The source:
Direct binary downloads:


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