[winswitch] Transparent gnome-terminal

Douglas Doole dougdoole at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 16:28:51 GMT 2017

I've finally been able to upgrade my Ubuntu box to 16.04 which means I can
finally move up to Xpra 2.1.3. Generally it seems to be working much better
than the old 1.x release.

I am having trouble with gnome-terminal though. In some (but not all) of my
terminal windows, all or part of the window is transparent and shows the
desktop or window behind it. Forcing a window repaint makes the problem go
away temporarily, but it comes back after a time. Unfortunately, I haven't
been able to pin down a particular action that triggers the transparent

I am seeing this when using the Xpra client and server on the same machine
using ssh to localhost. (I haven't connected remotely much since
upgrading), I haven't seen the problem in any window other than

Any suggestions? Anything I can gather to help debug this?


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