[winswitch] issue with wss

Ugo Girard 54 at 5454.fr
Tue Nov 28 08:44:01 GMT 2017


I am using xpra with encrypted websockets wss, with the option "--ssl=www". Unfortunately with this mode the "advanced options" menu in the connect webpage is not working; it is not clickable.

If you want to see the problem, you can connect to my website https://5454.fr:80/connect.html
(i am using port 80 for ssl because of NAT port forwarding and 443 is used for another machine)

If I connect without ssl, the "advanced options" menu is working. You can see this at http://5454.fr:80/connect.html (http instead of https)

I have two questions:

-Is this problem a known bug or did I make a configuration error?
-I need the "advanced options" to change the keyboard layout to french. I tried to solve this with the option "−−keyboard−layout=fr" but its not working, layout is still english. Could you tell me how to use this option to change keyboard to french by default?

Thanks for your help.


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