[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.1.2 : two critical fixes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon Sep 18 07:16:37 BST 2017


This update fixes a fair number of issues, at least two of which are
critical: the system-wide proxy server was failing to prevent users from
listening on privileged ports and some clients could cause a DoS
condition in the SSL network code.
If, for whatever reason, you are unable to update immediately:
* the privileged port problem can be worked around by disabling the
proxy server
* the DoS can be prevented by turning off all the SSL options

Release notes:
* fix unprivileged users able to bind to privileged ports
* fix socket check for printer forwarding support
* fix bashism in service init file
* fix SetDPI dbus handler
* fix iconification loop with some window managers (ie: ratpoison)
* fix handling of unusual HTTP configurations
* fix DoS with invalid connections
* fix spurious clipboard warning on MS Windows and Mac OS
* fix server start failures on pulseaudio permissions errors
* fix window icons going back to default on window re-initialization
* fix sound subprocess exit warnings on MS Windows
* fix packaging of opus libraries on MS Windows
* fix stop command on MS Windows servers via named-pipe connections
* fix SSL error handler
* fix spurious key events for numlock on Mac OS
* fix Mac OS shadow servers
* fix mDNS and IPv6 platform bugs (MS Windows and Mac OS)
* fix unicode warnings on MS Windows
* fix typo hiding pretty debug logging
* fix SSL upgrades of sockets obtained through socket activation
* fix Debian packaging of socket activated service
* disable socket activation on Ubuntu 16.04 (too buggy)
* choose the strongest digest first
* add support for Volta GPUs with NVENC
* preserve settings so reloading the page works (HTML5 client)
* allow a longer server startup timeout delay (HTML5 client)
* more helpful error message if jQuery is missing (HTML5 client)
* add missing entries to man page
* add mesa-dri-drivers dependency to RPM packages for OpenGL support
* make it easier to disable firewall scripts in RPM builds



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