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Thanks for the hasty response!

One problem that I'm running into is that no matter what command-line options or configuration files that I use or for 'xpra start', it always seems to look in or try write to the ~/.xpra directory.  How do I force Xpra to always use an explicit directory path instead of ~/.xpra?

On a side note, I'm stuck with RHEL 6 thus the reason for using Xpra 1.x.  If anyone has managed to port Xpra 2 to CentOS/RHEL 6 platforms, I'd like to know about it!


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> Greetings all,
> I'm using Xpra 1.x and the man pages reference in passing "open sessions"
The paragraph you are referring to must be this one:
"When using the socket-dir option, it is generally necessary to specify socket-dir or socket-dirs on all following commands, for xpra to work with the open sessions."

It just means that if you choose to place your sockets in a non-standard location when starting a server (ie: --socket-dir=/tmp) then you will need to specify the same socket-dir option to interact with those already "open sessions" with all subsequent commands ("xpra attach", "xpra list", etc)

> which I assume allow multiple user accounts to connect to the same Xpra server.
Multiple user accounts can also access the same session via TCP.
For unix domain sockets, you can add your users to the "xpra" group and a socket will be created in /run/xpra.
That alone is not sufficient: you also need to change the socket permissions to allow other members of the xpra group to access this socket. (see mmap-group and socket-permissions) You may or may not want to add authentication to that socket, see the "auth" switch.

Finally, make sure to enable sharing if you want your users to access the same session concurrently.

> Where can I find more details regarding Xpra "open sessions"?
Open sessions is synonymous with "active sessions" here.
That's all there is to it. "xpra list" will show you the list.

The sharing support and options are much improved in version 2.x


> Thanks,
> Eric.
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