[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.3.3 : many fixes, none critical

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sat Aug 18 17:58:19 BST 2018


This release was delayed repeatedly and so the number of fixes is rather
This delay was first caused by some hardware failures, then by the
switch to Python 3.7 for the MS Windows and MacOS Python 3 builds, which
required quite a few tweaks and fixes - many of which were in other
upstream projects.

Apart from those build-system related issues, the most important fixes
are in the HTML5 client's key handling, Python3 compatibility fixes, the
network layer (bandwidth-limit, congestion detection, etc) and SSL /
proxy server issues.

There is no urgency to update, but because of the large number of fixes,
updating sooner rather than later is recommended.

Release notes:
* fix value shown in frame extents warning
* fix HTML5 relative URLs for window control icons
* fix HTML5 pointer events missing modifier keys
* fix parsing errors when no display is specified
* fix URL parsing with Python 3
* fix tray setup errors on early client exit
* fix putty plink PATH lookup issue
* fix python3 compatibility for printer forwarding script
* fix python3 alert box on MS Windows
* fix python3 packaging on MS Windows
* fix python3 client rendering of transparency with opengl disabled
* fix file descriptor warnings on process exit with MS Windows builds
* fix MS Windows monitor API overflow on 64-bit systems
* fix compilation error with latest MSYS2 installations
* fix desktop servers exit code
* fix network congestion calculations when records expire
* fix bandwidth warnings caused by slow client picture decoding
* fix xpra info race condition error during cleanup
* fix clipboard warnings: don't enable it unless the client requests it
* fix spurious stacktraces caused by focus events on OR windows
* fix painting of spinners with desktop-scaling and non-opengl backends
* fix 'terminate server when command exits' from html5 client
* fix SSL socket timeouts in proxy server
* fix errors starting proxy instances if the user's home does not exist
* fix ssh start remote command line compatibility mode
* fix command line backwards compatibility
* fix handling of tray geometry and keyboard detection failures
* fix bandwidth-limit changes from the system tray menu
* fix system version warnings on MacOS
* force GTK3 Posix clients to use X11 backend (native Wayland crashes)
* support cx_Freeze 5.x on MS Windows
* don't require local user accounts with pam logins
* drop invalid client connections without showing errors (desktop mode)
* support building with Python 3.7
* disable webcam forwarding with MS Windows client (broken upstream)
* add missing RPM dependencies for running unit tests
* prevent Python Pillow debug log spam
* don't show spurious import errors during printing subsystem cleanup
* show another possible reason for connection failures
* make remote ssh command easier to parse
* abort tests if build fails
* use free colour profiles in all icon files
* add missing man page entry for 'forward-xdg-open'
* add missing files to manifest
* man page typos

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