[winswitch] Xpra GL and gtkglext woes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Aug 31 10:06:07 BST 2018

On 31/08/18 01:20, Ben Sferrazza wrote:
> Tried the Python3 builds of the Xpra 2.4 Windows client and
> unfortunately it has a lot of graphics artifacts (ghosting when moving a
> terminal, some applications being completely washed out and illegible,
> etc). I'll continue to use the standard 2.4 build for the time being.
Oh! The GTK3 port is meant to be almost complete... (at least for the
client, the server will need a lot more work)
This could be because of transparency issues. (I have no idea why a
terminal applications would use an alpha channel but some do..)
Was this with xfce_terminal again?
Did you have OpenGL enabled or disabled? (see systray menu toggle)

>         > This was by far the most egregious bug. It seemed to happen at
>         random
>         > and affected all applications.
>         This does ring a bell, but I don't think I ever saw it myself.
>         https://xpra.org/trac/ticket/713
>         https://xpra.org/trac/ticket/1381
>         This could be a platform specific bug (ie: affecting mswindows
>         clients)
>         in which case the newer Python3 GTK3 builds may fare better.
>     Yes, those tickets describe the exact same behavior I'm experiencing
>     (or at least was with Xpra 2.2) using the Windows client and Linux
>     server. I'll give one of the Python3 builds a shot. Is there a
>     particular build that you think would be the most stable (with the
>     understanding that I likely need 2.4 and the paramiko ssh client
>     given the tcsh issues I was experiencing)?
Usually the latest, especially if you need the paramiko goodness.
(though I have had to revert some unrelated changes today)

>         >     > 3. some windows don't show window bar until resized
>         (e.g. gvim
>         >     always gets
>         >     > placed in upper-left without window bar)
>     Actually the primary machine I use it on is CentOS 5.11
>     (unfortunately needed apparently to support an older version of
>     Cadence IC5). Though I did build an entirely bootstrapped toolchain
>     on this machine, so its using the latest glibc (2.19) for the older
>     kernel it uses (2.6.18), as well as the latest versions binutils and
>     gcc. Xpra and all of its dependencies were built against this
>     toolchain.
Wow. That's a *lot* of work!
Have you considered installing a CentOS 5 chroot inside a CentOS 7 host
and just sharing the X11 display between the two?
(ie: /tmp/.X11-unix/X100)

> However, I did just run Xpra 2.3.3 on a CentOS 7 machine
>     we have here at work and with that same version of Gvim (8.0.586) I
>     experience the same issue of it going to the top left corner and not
>     showing the title bar until the window is resized.
Will test and report back.

>         >     > 4. dialog box black bars (appears to be trying to add
>         scrollbars?).
>         Do you have a sample application I can use to reproduce it?
>     It was happening using diffuse (the graphical diff tool). If I'm
>     comparing two files and edit one of them outside of diffuse, diffuse
>     will pop up a dialog asking if you'd like to reload the file since
>     it detected a change. That small dialog was showing the black
>     borders. However, I'm not seeing the same issue again. Though there
>     is another issue that could perhaps be masking this. For some
>     reason, many of my GTK applications (diffuse, gvim, etc) are not
>     using the window decorations and icons I have chosen when using
>     Xpra.
How and where did you modify these settings?

> This was working just fine in Xpra 2.2, and the correct theme
>     and icons are shown when I VNC into the same machine. Oddly enough,
>     Emacs does use the correct decorations even with the latest Xpra.
Ah, the everlasting joy of themes and xsettings.
You may want to try --xsettings=no

>         >     > 6. flickering clipboard icon in systray
>     Is there a way to turn off the flickering, just to avoid the
>     annoyance of it?
There is now, in 2.4:
To use it:
XPRA_CLIPBOARD_NOTIFY=0 xpra attach ...

> Also, it seems the newer versions of Xpra place a
>     small Xpra icon imposed on top of a window's regular icon. Is there
>     a way to turn off this feature, as it's difficult for me to see the
>     original icon, since it's resized smaller.
This should turn it off:
XPRA_ICON_OVERLAY=0 xpra attach ...
More details on the feature here:


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