[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.2.3: fix xauth server regression

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Jan 18 12:14:38 GMT 2018


This update fixes a regression in the 2.2.2 release which can cause the
XAUTHORITY file to be owned by root instead of the current user.
Although the xauth bug fix included in 2.2.2 was correct, it also
uncovered this new bug. This may or may not cause serious problems
depending on what location is used for this file by other desktop
environments and session managers. These problems are more likely on
older distributions (ie: Ubuntu 16.04) than newer ones.

For those unable to upgrade to 2.2.3, you may workaround the issue by
starting your sessions with "start-via-proxy=no".

If your XAUTHORITY file ends up owned by root, you can fix it with:

There are no new MacOS or MS Windows builds for this release at present.

There is no urgency to update if you were not affected by this issue.

Release notes:
* fix XAUTHORITY file ownership issue
* fix missing systray due to buggy geometry values
* support [::] IPv6 syntax



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