[winswitch] Windows Server app forward to Linux Client: How-to?

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sat Jan 20 17:44:33 GMT 2018

On 20/01/18 23:32, mark via shifter-users wrote:
> Hi All,
> I run Debian/Gnome as my desktop and have Windows 7 running in a VM. 
> I would like to forward an application from the VM to interact with it in Debian.
Seamless application forwarding is currently only supported on Posix
servers, and not with MS Windows or MacOS servers.

On those two platforms, you can only expose the whole desktop at once.
On MS Windows, there is a start menu entry labeled "Xpra Shadow Server"
for that.


> I downloaded Xpra and played with it, but don't seem to understand the right command line to start the server on the Windows side. If someone could give me an example, maybe on how to forward Notepad to the Linux side, that would be super-helpful?
> I did also look at Winswitch but haven't tried yet. Should I be using that instead of Xpra for my situation?
> Thanks much!
> Mark
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