[winswitch] How to install local unprivileged Xpra server?

Ben Mishkanian FusionGate200 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 28 19:53:05 GMT 2018

D:\Programs\Xpra>Xpra_cmd.exe attach ssh://bmishkania@ussd-prd-rdln01:22
2018-01-28 11:17:54,927 Xpra gtk2 client version 2.2.2-r18017 64-bit
2018-01-28 11:17:54,930  running on Microsoft Windows 10
2018-01-28 11:17:55,537 Warning: failed to import opencv:
2018-01-28 11:17:55,538  DLL load failed: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.
2018-01-28 11:17:55,538  webcam forwarding is disabled
2018-01-28 11:17:55,672 GStreamer version 1.12.4 for Python 2.7.14 64-bit
2018-01-28 11:17:55,785 OpenGL_accelerate module loaded
2018-01-28 11:17:55,796 Using accelerated ArrayDatatype
2018-01-28 11:17:56,129 OpenGL enabled with GeForce GTX 1070/PCIe/SSE2
2018-01-28 11:17:56,154  keyboard settings: layout=us
2018-01-28 11:17:56,155  desktop size is 5120x1568 with 1 screen:
2018-01-28 11:17:56,155   Default (1354x414 mm - DPI: 96x96) workarea: 5120x1528
2018-01-28 11:17:56,155     DISPLAY6 2560x1440 at 0x128 (597x336 mm - DPI: 108x108) workarea: 2560x1400
2018-01-28 11:17:56,155     DISPLAY7 2560x1440 at 2560x0 (597x336 mm - DPI: 108x108) workarea: 2560x1400
2018-01-28 11:17:56,174 keyboard layouts: us
2018-01-28 11:18:06,659 Error: failed to receive anything, not an xpra server?
2018-01-28 11:18:06,660   could also be the wrong protocol, username, password or port
2018-01-28 11:18:06,660 Connection lost

Interestingly, when I try running the server on ussd-prd-rdln02 (a different machine that shares the same networked filesystem), the client is able to connect to that!

I guess I could just use ussd-prd-rdln02 but it would be good to figure out why it doesn't work on ussd-prd-rdln01, because my ultimate goal is to install xpra on a third machine that has a more complicated network topology than either of these.


From: Antoine Martin <antoine at nagafix.co.uk>
Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2018 7:47 PM
To: Ben Mishkanian
Cc: Xpra and Winswitch ML
Subject: Re: [winswitch] How to install local unprivileged Xpra server?

On 28/01/18 02:01, Ben Mishkanian wrote:
> 55_server_x11.conf has the following xvfb command:
> xvfb = Xvfb +extension GLX +extension Composite -screen 0
> 5760x2560x24+32 -dpi 96 -nolisten tcp -noreset -auth $XAUTHORITY
> Setting XPRA_SYSCONF_DIRS seems to have worked! It looks like the server
> is running, at least. But I haven't been able to get my Windows client
> to connect. I set it to SSH mode and after putting in my password
> nothing happens for a few seconds and the client window comes back
> saying "Connection lost".
Try running the client from the command line and look for clues in the
output, maybe also keep an eye on your ssh server log to verify that the
client does make an ssh connection with the correct credentials.
Something like:
Xpra_cmd.exe attach ssh://username:password@host:sshport/
Assuming you only have a single display active (verify by running "xpra
list") this should work, otherwise specify one:
Xpra_cmd.exe attach ssh://username:password@host:sshport/DISPLAY

> The server prints:
> [bmishkania at ussd-prd-rdln01 ~]$
> XPRA_SYSCONF_DIRS=/home/bmishkania/bin/xpra-2.2.3/etc/xpra/ xpra start
> --start=~/bin/firefox/firefox --daemon=no
> 2018-01-27 10:41:51,460 cannot access python uinput module:
> 2018-01-27 10:41:51,460  No module named uinput
> 2018-01-27 10:41:51,957 Warning: failed to create socket directory
> '/run/xpra'
> 2018-01-27 10:41:51,958  [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/run/xpra'
> 2018-01-27 10:41:51,961 created unix domain socket:
> /run/user/109999/xpra/ussd-prd-rdln01-100
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,264 created unix domain socket:
> /home/bmishkania/.xpra/ussd-prd-rdln01-100
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,265 Warning: cannot create socket
> '/run/xpra/ussd-prd-rdln01-100'
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,265  [Errno 2] No such file or directory
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,265  /run/xpra does not exist
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,266  user 'bmishkania' is a member of groups: no groups!
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,266   missing 'xpra' group membership?
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,267   failed to query path information for
> '/run/xpra': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/run/xpra'
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,689 Warning: zlib is the only compressor enabled
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,689  install and enable lzo or lz4 support for
> better performance
Once you get going, you should do something about this warning and try
to stuff the python-lz4 (and lz4 if not installed) RPM contents into
your local home environment. The performance with zlib is pretty bad.

> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,701 Warning: your version of Python Imaging Library
> is well out of date
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,701  version 1.1.7 is not supported, your mileage
> may vary
Same with this one: we ship updated Pillow packages.

> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,824 Error importing x264 encoder (enc_x264)
> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,824  libx264.so.152: cannot open shared object file:
> No such file or directory
Same with this one: we ship an x264-xpra package, and libvpx-xpra...

You may also hit crashes when running without some of those codecs
dependencies installed if the system provides a different version of the
same library. (ie: a different version of libvpx)

> 2018-01-27 10:41:52,825 pointer device emulation using XTest
> 2018-01-27 10:41:53,429 serving html content from:
> /home/bmishkania/bin/xpra-2.2.3/share/xpra/www
> 2018-01-27 10:41:53,564 Warning: webcam forwarding is disabled
> 2018-01-27 10:41:53,565  the virtual video directory
> '/sys/devices/virtual/video4linux' was not found
> 2018-01-27 10:41:53,565  make sure that the 'v4l2loopback' kernel module
> is installed and loaded
> 2018-01-27 10:41:53,565 found 0 virtual video devices for webcam forwarding
> 2018-01-27 10:41:53,596 pulseaudio server started with pid 3276
There's nothing wrong here, except that there are no connection attempts


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