[winswitch] the xpra in the Ubuntu repositories is Really old will it get updated to 2.2 for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Jan 31 04:46:37 GMT 2018

On 31/01/18 02:52, brian mullan wrote:
> Antoine...
> Thanks for the reply.   Not being a developer I wasn't sure how it all works
> regarding who packages xpra etc.
> I did file a bug with Ubuntu and got the following reply:
>     /Hans Joachim Desserud (hjd) wrote 2 hours ago:/
>     /Thanks for reporting./
>     /I see that Debian has packaged xpra 2.1.3+dfsg-1 in their
>     experimental suite.   After some period of experimentation, this
>     should move to the
>     unstable repo where it will be automatically synced to Ubuntu,
>     but I don't know the timeframe for this.
For the record, by the time Ubuntu 18.04 comes out, the 2.1.x branch
will have been EOLed for almost 6 months. It is already missing some
critical fixes. For details see:

And since older Ubuntu releases never got any updates at all, despite
numerous critical bugs publicly reported, it is fair to assume that the
same thing will happen with this release.


>      (h$ //tags: added: upgrade-software-version/
> So I guess its a matter of time.
> Again thanks.
> Brian

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