[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 1.0.12 LTS: many minor fixes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun Jul 1 11:08:30 BST 2018


This update to the LTS branch catches up with the fixes already applied
to the newer branches. There is nothing major here.

Updating is recommended for those stuck on this branch. (ie: CentOS 6.x)

Release notes:
* fix memoryview paint error with non-opengl Python 2.6 clients
* fix spurious errors and warnings during window cleanup
* fix macos keyboard initialization
* fix key shortcut command line handling
* fix potential X11 related crashes due to missing synchronization
* fix read-only mode pointer move bypass
* fix shadow servers xinerama corruption for child commands
* fix client failure connecting to servers without a valid desktop size
* fix client launcher not exiting on close
* fix parsing of display strings in connection URLs
* fix pyobjc api deprecation warning
* fix debug logging via environment variables
* fix errors when XShm is not available
* fix invalid clipboard toggle requests not ignored
* fix missing context handler for keymap setup (crash possible)
* fix building CUDA kernels with GCC 8.1
* fix tray menu setup error when the clipboard is disabled
* fix clipboard token send error when there are no targets
* fix putty plink PATH lookup issue
* correctly disable desktop-scaling when mmap is enabled
* send missing exception details to server with remote-logging
* make python 2.6 warning less scary
* prevent authenticated users from shutting down proxy servers
* don't prompt for the ssh password if we already have it
* support newer nvidia driver versions with nvenc
* remove duplicated encoding
* show another possible reason for connection failures
* abort tests if build fails
* increase test timeout
* recommend the dbus-x11 with the DEB package



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