[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.3.2

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jun 26 21:30:16 BST 2018


This update fixes a large number of issues, mostly cosmetic ones, none
of them are really critical. There is no urgency to update.

The buffer overflow sounds scary, but it only affects the GTK3 builds
and those aren't the default on any platforms yet, it only triggers when
OpenGL rendering is disabled and it is unlikely to be exploitable.

The bandwidth-limit bypass can cause problems for those with budgeted
bandwidth allocations on their servers.

Release notes:
* fix notification actions support with shadow servers
* fix paint errors with reformatted images using outdated stride value
* fix control commands that call window refresh
* fix broken pipe error when the browser cancels downloading 'noicon'
* fix spurious refresh events
* fix missing bug report data due to path errors
* fix XAUTHORITY environment variable getting clobbered
* fix html5 window refresh not throttled when document is not invisible
* fix non-opengl painting of windows with a padding area
* fix rgb paint of mmap data with the python2 cairo backend
* fix invalid clipboard toggle requests not ignored
* fix missing context handler for keymap setup (crash possible)
* fix proxy server test to use a signal to stop the test instance
* fix invalid exception value in X11 atom bindings
* fix bandwidth limit client bypass and connection errors
* fix building CUDA kernels with GCC 8.1
* fix tray menu setup error when the clipboard is disabled
* fix GTK3 buffer overflow with non-opengl backend
* fix startup errors with pulseaudio if XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is missing
* fix clipboard token send error when there are no targets
* don't overwrite the dynamic system tray icon with default on startup
* correctly disable desktop-scaling when mmap is enabled
* skip repainting pointer overlay when the position is unchanged
* prevent authenticated users from shutting down proxy servers
* don't turn off notifications when we don't have a forwarder instance
* don't try to log an exception that does not exist
* allow the user to disable all video encoders and csc modules
* send missing exception details to server with remote-logging
* avoid RFB errors if screen capture fails
* avoid further errors when shadow capture fails
* recommend the dbus-x11 with the DEB package

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