[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.3.4 : many fixes, some important

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun Sep 23 06:09:09 BST 2018


Once again, this release contains a very large number of fixes.

At least one of these fixes is important: the server shutdown fix could
leave dangling virtual displays and sockets on exit.

Otherwise the areas that received the most fixes are: Python3 builds,
VNC clients, build and test fixes, better OS compatibility (shells,
libraries, display detection, packaging, etc) and UI fixes (mixed clicks
on tray, scaling, tray icon corruption, etc).

Updating is strongly recommended.

Release notes:
*  fix server does not shutdown cleanly (Xvfb not killed)
*  fix signals not emitted (ie: delay-tray command line option)
*  fix client desktop-scaling corner cases
*  fix handling of mixed clicks on system tray and the menu entries
*  fix MS Windows shadow server's cursor capture
*  fix URL parsing from launcher (ie: MacOS URL association)
*  fix MacOS crash with GTK3 builds and file chooser
*  fix non-opengl windows missing spinner with GTK3
*  fix RPM license information
*  fix mDNS zeroconf library version on MS Windows with Python 2
*  fix connection errors from making the client launcher exit
*  fix python3 errors in dbus server code
*  fix spurious error messages caused by video pipeline changes
*  fix proxy-video-encoders=all substitution
*  fix unicode string errors with RFB protocol and Python 3
*  fix missing idle and clipboard server information
*  fix .xpra file association with DEB packaging
*  fix pointer polling error with RFB connections (pointer going AWOL)
*  fix handling of closed RFB connections
*  fix unmanaged X11 call from shadow servers (potential crashes)
*  fix fallback pynotify notification handler
*  fix Python 3 shadow servers with RFB
*  fix Python 3 string errors writing run-xpra scripts
*  fix deadlocks with RFB connections
*  fix missing key mapping errors with RFB clients
*  fix session name not honoured or exposed via mdns for shadow servers
*  fix X11 display detection (socket may be owned by root)
*  fix compatibility with csh and tcsh
*  fix spurious modifier key events from the HTML5 client
*  fix tray icon corruption on MS Windows
*  fix Motif WM hints parsing
*  fix DEB packaging dependencies
*  fix NVENC encoder wrongly exposing encodings which are not available
*  fix error running unit tests on MS Windows
*  fix potential file descriptor leak
*  fix valid XAuthority path potentially not found because unexpanded
*  fix proxy servers not honouring passwords in connection strings
*  fix sqlite authentication backend issue with identical usernames
*  support CUDA 10 and optimizations for Volta GPUs
*  Fedora 29 compatibility
*  fix race condition in unit tests which was causing random failures
*  add dependency required for running the unit tests with rpmbuild
*  prevent repeated clipboard warnings
*  let the server choose the best initial quality to use
*  add file missing from clean build target
*  add missing entries in man page
*  add missing desktop file icons
*  shadow the current display if none is specified
*  remove unneeded import, spurious debug logging
*  limit the amount of information exposed via the proxy's dbus service
*  support base64 encoded SSL certificate data

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