[winswitch] Interesting thought on Xpra for Windoes

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at outstep.com
Fri Apr 5 16:57:29 BST 2019

Hello All,

I am slowly working on a project in which I am going to be using Xpra and
have been spending a huge amount of time researching what is currently out
there and how it could possibly be used within my project.

To that end, what I was looking for is a simple remote protocol
seamless-based solution and Xpra seems to be that solution. For my project,
I am interested in not only sending windows from Linux hosts to Windows,
but also from Windows to Linux while also supporting all of the nice
features that Xpra already has available.

In my tests, I see that going from Linux to Windows works nicely and even
has sound, etc..

The problem seems to be in going from Windows to Linux, but I might have an
idea that could work and wanted to see if the group had already thought
about it.  This idea would be to take the Xpra Windows side and add parts
of the code from a project used in rdesktop, and others called
"SeamlessRDP" (https://github.com/rdesktop/seamlessrdp).

That code is in c/c++ and the part that I am thinking about is the part
that gets the actual windows to send back via the RDP protocol, but I do
not see why it could not instead just get the windows information and send
it back via Xpra.  With Python and C/C++ being able to work together, I am
trying to see if this type of solution idea might actually be possible.

Any thoughts?
Best Regards,

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