[winswitch] Interesting thought on Xpra for Windoes

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at outstep.com
Sun Apr 7 18:53:47 BST 2019

Hello all,

> > The problem seems to be in going from Windows to Linux, but I might have
> an
> > idea that could work and wanted to see if the group had already thought
> > about it.  This idea would be to take the Xpra Windows side and add parts
> > of the code from a project used in rdesktop, and others called
> > "SeamlessRDP" (https://github.com/rdesktop/seamlessrdp).
> Have you tried to use Seamless RDP?
> The project does not seem very active, and it never worked properly when
> I tried it.

I actually have not had the chance to make it work and also came across
"MetaVNC" (http://metavnc.sourceforge.net/) which is a bit dated but is
also based upon TightVNC and is meant to be a seamless implementation.
Perhaps xpra could find it useful in some way. I may try to build it and
see if it will still work.

> > That code is in c/c++ and the part that I am thinking about is the part
> > that gets the actual windows to send back via the RDP protocol, but I do
> > not see why it could not instead just get the windows information and
> send
> > it back via Xpra.  With Python and C/C++ being able to work together, I
> am
> > trying to see if this type of solution idea might actually be possible.
> Because of the usability problems with SeamlessRDP, I have never looked
> into this possibility.
> Assuming that SeamlessRDP can be made to work reliably on Windows-8.1 or
> later, I can't see any reason why this could not be made to work with
> xpra. How well remains to be seen.

Actually, I was not thinking to use SeamlessRDP inside of Xpra directly,
but mainly just the code parts that grab the active windows and such from
an application in Windows. It would then seem reasonable that you could use
new small app "SeamlessXPRA.exe notepad.exe" (from within Windows) to serve
the application like is done in Linux and then a client could connect.
Basically, my thoughts were to see what would be required to strip out the
RDP parts in SeamlessRDP and just keep the Windows application hooks so
that it can grab the application window and send it via the Xpra protocol.

It was just a thought, but it then seemed that it might be possible to
offer the same capabilities on Windows as you have on Linux.

I have a very specific use in mind for all of this and perhaps we could
chat more on it if you are interested, and possibly have time, since I do
not know Xpra very well and this might be a side project until it really
starts to get going.

Have a great weekend, Antoine

> Cheers
> Antoine
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> > Best Regards,
> > Lonnie
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