[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.5.1: many fixes, none critical

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Apr 16 09:17:26 BST 2019


Enough fixes had accumulated to warrant an update.
Updating is recommended but none of the bugs fixed are critical.

Release notes:
* fix sending of icons as premultipled ARGB
* fix compatibility with old versions of python-pillow
* fix scroll encoding code flow (should be impossible to hit)
* fix handling of info requests with Python3 servers
* fix missing option for lock argument in man page
* fix ssh errors handling authentication failures
* fix ssh server connections and support 'none' authentication
* fix start new command menu
* fix appindicator failures when we fail to locate the default icon
* fix command line tools usage under cygwin and terminal emulators
* fix pointer position on multi-monitor shadow servers
* fix system tray forwarding with python3 servers
* fix window icons forwarding (MS Windows and MacOS mostly)
* fix detection of splash window types
* fix server startup errors when X11 root properties are invalid
* fix shadow server startup failures on MacOS
* fix system tray errors during shadow server startup on MacOS
* fix printing errors with python3 builds and rencode packet encoder
* fix parsing of printer options
* fix dispatching of printer jobs to clients with python3 servers
* fix parsing of key symbol definitions with python3 servers
* fix compatibility with older versions of GTK3
* fix proxy video encoders initialization
* fix 'missing encodings' server error with python3
* fix spurious clipboard warning when clipboard is disabled
* disable modal windows by default (was enabled by default since v2.3)
* workaround buggy system trays
* try harder to prevent hash collisions in scroll encoding
* skip risky opengl probing when the initial check failed
* prevent file conflicts with older packages
* don't use appindicator with Fedora Gnome
* minor packaging fixes (dates)
* remove spurious ssh dnssec check logging
* bump version in cups backend
* DEB package still recommends the python2 builds
* don't bundle openssh on MS Windows

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