[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 1.0.13 LTS: many minor fixes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jan 15 17:19:28 GMT 2019


This update to the LTS branch catches up with the fixes already applied
to the newer branches.

Updating is recommended for those stuck on this branch.

As mentioned previously, the MS Windows and MacOS builds should only be
used on systems that cannot run newer versions (ie: Windows XP).
The libraries are out of date and insecure and those builds are quickly
becoming unmaintainable. ie: this version drops support for h264 video
decoding on MS Windows.

Release notes:
* fix server crash with application setting invalid X11 atoms
* fix missing windows with some mono applications (ignore invalid atoms)
* fix small X11 memory leak
* fix painting of spinners with desktop-scaling and non-opengl backends
* fix command line backwards compatibility
* fix man page typos
* fix RPM license information
* fix proxy-video-encoders=all substitution (generally not to be used)
* fix handling of tray geometry and keyboard detection failures
* fix connection errors causing the client launcher to exit
* fix spurious error messages caused by video pipeline changes
* fix handling of mixed clicks on system tray and the menu entries
* fix URL parsing from launcher (ie: MacOS URL association)
* fix session time going backwards
* fix race condition causing the connection cleanup code to run twice
* fix rare race condition when closing a connection
* fix nvenc errors with odd image heights
* fix logging error in modifier state change failure code path
* fix statistics used by shadow servers
* fix window size hints not being sanitized correctly
* fix leaking xvfb processes when displayfd times out
* fix virtual printer cleanup errors
* fix cython compilation warnings
* fix backwards compatibility in keyboard mapping
* fix 'flush' client encoding options parsing
* fix encoding of empty areas
* fix HTML5 notifications title line getting cropped
* fix HTML5 logging packet encoding
* fix win32 tray icon handle leak
* fix proxy server not honouring passwords in connection strings
* fix potential file descriptor leak
* fix unit test race condition
* fix repeated clipboard warnings
* fix Motif wm hints parsing
* fix outdated pixels lingering in OpenGL windows padding area
* fix invalid window padding values hiding top-left corner contents
* fix missing .xpra file association with DEB packaging
* fix cleanup code not being run, leaving sockets and xvfb behind
* fix locked batch delay with mmap connections
* fix error handling large clipboard-contents packets
* fix session start failures via ssh on Ubuntu 18.04 and later
* fix compatibility with newer ArchLinux Xorg path
* fix errors handling relative pointer data
* reduce unwanted refresh rate drop
* add missing entry in man page for 'swap-keys'
* support newer distributions: Fedora 29, Ubuntu Cosmic, Debian Buster
* support CUDA 10 and Volta cards with NVENC
* make logging packet parsing more resilient
* handle property change handlers errors more gracefully
* skip unnecessary video tests when mmap is enabled
* ensure Qt applications use the X11 backend so we can intercept them
* use free colour profiles in all icon files
* support base64 encoded SSL certificate data



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