[winswitch] Please help me about Xpra...

=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCPj55dRsoQiAbJEJNJkJAGyhC?= ymatsuzaki at jscom.co.jp
Mon Jan 21 09:48:58 GMT 2019

Nice to meet you
I am Matsuzaki.

I would like to ask about Xpra.

I think that you can connect to multiple servers via a single port using XpraProxy,
For example
As XpraClient - XpraProxy - XpraServer, XpraServer [xpra start DISPLAY - bind - tcp = 3000]
XpraProxy uses sqlite_auth.py, adds record [tcp: // XpraServer: 3000], if user: pwd forwards it to XpraServer: 3000
In XpraClient you think that you can attach to XpraServer with [xpra attach tcp: // XpraProxy: Port]

I'd like to change this connection protocol to SSL, but changing the protocol tcp to ssl does not work
The URL you referred to is below
Also, the version of Xpra you use will be v2.3.4 - r20525

Can you teach us how to use the SSL protocol in this configuration?


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