[winswitch] HTML5 client encodings

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Jul 17 04:08:12 BST 2019

On 17/07/2019 02:28, Evan Sarmiento via shifter-users wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed xpra-x264 encoding package from the xpra repo but it appears that the HTML5 client is not using them.
You're not specifying which version or distribution you are using, but
generally speaking there is no need to install extra packages, the x264
dependencies should be installed automatically with 'xpra'.

> From xpra info:
> client.window.1.encodings.non-video=('png', 'webp', 'rgb32', 'jpeg')
That's telling you which encodings can be used for non-video areas.
You should also see something like:
client.window.1.encodings.video=('h264', 'mpeg1')
Meaning that the server may use h264 or mpeg1 for sending video.

When h264 is actually used, you should be able to see:

The full list of encodings supported by the server can be seen with:
$ xpra info | grep "^encodings="

And for clients:
xpra info | grep -E "^client.*encodings="

> Also connect.html only lists JPEG, PNG, Raw RGB. Am I missing something here?
'auto' will select the best encoding automatically, this is the best
choice and this will use video encodings when needed.
It may be slightly confusing but it doesn't really make sense to offer
an 'h264' option here as this would end up doing what 'auto' does: for
many screen updates, using h264 doesn't make sense.


> Best,
> Evan
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