[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.5.3: many fixes, none critical

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jul 23 17:45:19 BST 2019


Just like the previous update, this is a collection of fixes that had
accumulated, updating is recommended but none of the bugs are critical.

The main areas with fixes this time around are: HTML5 client, socket
layer (ssl, websockets, delays, mdns, warnings, etc), clipboard, shadow
servers, python3 compatibility fixes, a smattering of X11 issues, and
some more cosmetic or packaging issues.

The "ping latency" bug could explain some of the latency spiraling out
of control that had been reported in the past, but the 2.5.x already
included enough counter measures to mitigate the symptoms.

Hopefully, this should be the last release from the 2.5.x branch before
the 3.0 LTS release.

Full release notes:
* fix HTML5 MSIE 11 detection
* fix HTML5 path of audio script for IE
* fix HTML5 CapsLock and NumLock state detection
* fix HTML5 desktop server screen size not resizing to match window
* fix shadow servers display resizing not being propagated
* fix scroll encoding with multi monitor shadow servers
* fix handling of uncompressed window icon pixel data
* fix handling of unicode values for desktop names
* fix remote ssh failures with python3-only installations
* fix '_monitor' subcommand with python3 clients
* fix client ping latency calculations
* fix non-strict ssl host key not honoured with wss connections
* fix handling of websocket and ssl traffic with unix-domain sockets
* fix ssl and websocket connection upgrades with python3 servers
* fix handling of websocket ping packets
* fix unnecessary delay in initial connection handling
* fix incorrect disconnections with non-UI clients
* fix spurious socket warnings
* fix distro information shown for proxied connections
* fix invalid mdns records for rfb connections (desktop and shadow)
* fix GTK3 signal handling before the main loop is running
* fix file descriptor leak when running child commands
* fix clipboard-direction setting not propagated to the client
* fix clipboard datatype shortcut not taken due to a typo
* fix clipboard bugs with python3 builds, invalid atoms
* fix overzealous cleanup code in X11 root property handler
* fix Xresources debug logging and error handler
* fix errors during cleanup: close display later
* fix uinput device mode with python3 servers
* fix errors if md5 is not available: use sha1
* fix default build options for RedHat
* fix typos in man page and docstrings
* silence annoying atk warnings
* avoid running invalid lpinfo commands
* improve compatibility with 'xpra top'
* make it possible to skip opengl probing during server startup
* add missing modal-window entry in man page
* reduce weak RPM dependencies on gnome components

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