[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.5.2: many fixes, none critical

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Jun 7 12:52:02 BST 2019


Just like the previous update, this is a collection of fixes that had
accumulated for too long, updating is recommended but none of the bugs
fixed are critical.

Release notes:
* fix mmap leak which can cause the client to stop painting
* fix OpenGL crashes: don't use it when probing process has crashed
* fix errors in avahi error handler
* fix connection errors when loading ssh public keys
* fix tests being run with the wrong python interpreter version
* fix systemd-run using the wrong python interpreter version
* fix start menu with python3 clients
* fix x264 encoder creating incompatible stream for the html5 client
* fix unnecessary xdg menu data in some subcommands
* fix large xdg menu data causing initial packet size errors
* fix packet size warning message format
* fix start menu with python3 clients
* fix html5 client connection error when xdg-menu data is missing
* fix html5 client compatibility with buggy x264 encoders (as above)
* fix html5 client clipboard packet format
* fix session info graphs start values
* fix colour channels swapped with some window icons and desktop servers
* fix slower compression code path wrongly used when av-sync is disabled
* fix icon type attribute (remove dot)
* fix signal forwarding with python3 servers
* fix system tray forwarding with python3 servers
* fix socket attributes name lookup for xpra info
* fix handling proxy server info requests
* fix proxy server info errors trying to enumerate sessions
* fix automatic MTU adjustements with UDP transport
* fix NVENC compatiblity with library soname found in newer installers
* fix invalid python2 DEB dependency in main meta package
* fix default config value for opengl attribute
* fix HTML5 client authentication bug when going through a proxy server
* fix socket errors on startup with bind-ssl
* fix server dbus service attribute accessor methods
* fix network jitter injector
* fix avahi mdns publisher test tool
* fix zeroconf error when service info is not available
* fix remote ssh failures with python3-only installations
* fix automatic interpreter version switching when re-executing
* fix start-via-proxy exit code handler
* fix socket-permissions option not being honoured
* fix error in the codec loader if the first codec attempted fails
* fix error in the codec instantiation leak detection code
* fix exit hooks not being called with 'exit-with-client'
* fix RandR build errors with older versions of Cython (ie: Xenial)
* fix GTK3 build of the keyboard test tool on MS Windows
* fix errors parsing xresources
* fix handling of xsettings with python3 servers
* fix font hinting detection with python3
* fix cleanup errors if server initialization or startup had failed
* fix pure python3 builds cairo headers used
* updated package dependencies: recommend python-dns for sshfp support

The source:


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