[winswitch] Empty "Start" menu in the HTML5 client

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun Jun 16 07:33:02 BST 2019

On 16/06/2019 08:11, Troll Berserker via shifter-users wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running
> xpra GTK2 X11 version 2.5-r22138 64-bit
> as a server and use
> xpra-html5-3.0-0.20190612r22922.el7_6.noarch.rpm
> as a client.
> I'm starting the server with `start-new-commands = yes` set in configs.
> Starting the server with `-d menu` option shows that `.desktop` files
> are loaded.
> Here is a fragment of the log:
> However, the "Start" menu in the HTML5 client is completely empty.
> What I'm doing wrong?
Nothing. This should work.
I've just tried it and that worked for me with a v2.5.2 server and
latest trunk for the html5 client.

We've changed how and when this menu data is sent to the client:
But this should be backwards compatible.

Make sure that start-new-commands is enabled on the server:
* in the default config:
xpra showconfig | grep start-new-commands
* querying a running server:
xpra info | grep start-new-commands


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