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On 17/06/2019 16:34, dusan at dussan.org via shifter-users wrote:
> I don't know if this a bug or not.
> My problem: I run two different instances of libreoffice (calculator and writer) on same machine but on the different displays and the different ports. If I connect with XPRA Html5 clients, the program (libreoffice writter) which I have to see on the second HTML client is showing on the first HTML client.
> If I do the same with the another program, like a xterm, this never happend.
> How to reproduce: run the bellow commands one the same server.
> xpra start :11000 --bind-tcp= --tcp-auth=none --mdns=yes --start="localc"
> xpra start :12000 --bind-tcp= --tcp-auth=none --mdns=yes --start="lowritter"
> Then connect with one web browser to the port 11000 and with another to the port 12000 (to the server from where you run xpra commands). You will see that libreoffice witter from the port 12000 is showing in the web client which is connected to the port 11000.
That's a "feature" of the software you are using.
It affects many browsers (ie: Firefox and chrome) and others
(libreoffice, etc) - usually the more heavyweight variety.

They have a master process and when you try to start a new instance,
they go through this master process, opening the new window on the
display where the master instance is running rather than the one you
asked for.

There is nothing xpra can do about this.
You may be able to workaround the issue by:
* using a different user account
* modifying the environment to fool the application into thinking this
is a new profile


> I'm using latest XPRA software which is running on Debian 9.
Please always specify the exact version in use.

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