[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 3.0.1: many fixes, none critical

Antoine Martin totaam at xpra.org
Tue Oct 22 20:40:55 BST 2019


This first update to the 3.0 LTS branch fixes quite few issues, but they
are all fairly minor and so there is no urgency to update if you were
not affected.

Release notes:
* fix clipboard synchronization failures with MS Windows clients
* fix window cleanup errors preventing a clean exit
* fix launcher error if sharing flag is unset
* fix window states wrongly getting reset
* fix SSH password dialog lockups on MS Windows
* fix authentication module errors (multifile, python3)
* fix radio buttons on start server dialog (python3)
* fix error in encoding selection fallback (python3)
* fix logging error in cups printing backend (python3)
* fix null bytes in X11 error text (notifications errors)
* fix keyboard debug logging error
* fix error querying X11 properties under pure wayland client
* fix unresponsive appindicator system tray
* fix GDK window scaling setting wrongly propagated to the server
* fix compilation on Ubuntu Eoan Ermine
* fix file download failures on MS Windows due to invalid characters
* fix handling of file download errors
* fix Debian bin path warnings
* fix error handling in 'xpra top'
* fix pyobjc API compatibility in OpenGL transparency shim
* fix out of date PKG OS version requirements
* fix PKG compatibility with MacOS 10.15 Catalina
* fix window border color parsing failures causing errors
* fix OpenGL window paint errors with some drivers
* make it easier to launch test tools
* update Python to 3.7.5 on MacOS
* bump revision to override broken Fedora packaging
* show Python version in MacOS packages
* re-enable tooltips on MS Windows
* update to xxhash 0.7.2
* consistent use of quotes in endpoint logging

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