[winswitch] Beta problems

Wolfram Humann wolfram.humann at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 15:14:40 GMT 2019

Thanks for the clipboard fix (
I upgraded my Win10 client to current beta (4.0 r24287) to get the benefits
of the fix.
Now the Maximize/Minimize/Close icons in the top right corner of of all
xpra windows are replaced by some generic "window" icon. xterms shrink when
moved so that only the titlebar remains. Some windows (e.g. the Eclipse
"Select a workspace"-window) are clipped at the bottom so that some of
their content is invisible.
I thought that upgrading also the server (RHEL) might help. Got that to
3.0.1.r24293, but that didn't help. Downgraded the client to 3.0 r24039.
Things are ok now.

Best regards

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