[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 3.0.8: nothing major

Antoine Martin antoine at devloop.org.uk
Wed Apr 1 16:38:18 BST 2020


I managed to mess up the very last patch to go in this 3.0.8 release,
which caused a regression for those connecting to 3.0.8 servers via ssh
(system ssh, xpra's builtin ssh server was not affected).
A patch has been applied and I have re-issued the builds for all the
affected platforms. (that's all of them except MS Windows)
Sorry about the hassle.


On 31/03/2020 18:40, Antoine Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> There's a fair number of bug fixes in this release, but none of them are
> critical.
> The clipboard and keyboard (AltGr) handling are the most important ones
> in there, the rest is all fairly minor stuff. (platforms, warnings, etc)
> Release notes:
> * handling of dpi command line switch (correctly this time?)
> * bug report window not getting focus on MacOS
> * spurious ssh key warnings with newer versions of paramiko
> * AltGr mode with non-X11 clients, layout-group changes
> * rare unexpected client exit on MS Windows
> * MS Windows clipboard:
>     update failures
>     convert CRLF line endings
> * Clipboard:
>     fix selection not shown as active in menus (MS Windows and MacOS)
>     fix spurious warnings when sharing a session
>     fix clipboard reset with python2 builds
>     selection translation for outbound data
>     support client applications that don't use TARGETS (ie: Motif)
>     reject invalid targets
> * 'xpra upgrade' wrongly updating non-xpra displays
> * logging error in client geometry debugging output
> * pulseaudio start command with Ubuntu Xenial
> * spurious de-iconifications
> * handling of server control commands with python3 clients
> * UDP backport bug sending control packets
> * vfb getting killed on upgrade failure
> * proxy server cleanup: force forwarders to terminate
> * session info errors during client exit
> * printer cleanup errors with invalid UTF8 printer names
> * transient-for popup window workaround
> * missing libyuv csc module on MacOS
> * unicode errors saving xpra runner shell script with python3
> * try to prevent conflicts with Fedora's packages
> * better detection of Wayland environments
> * use python3 (if installed) by default on Ubuntu Xenial
> * don't use Xdummy on arm, too slow
> * don't show 'Download' button that we can't honour
> * show all pressed keys according to X11 server in 'xpra info'
> * try harder not to use video for tiny areas
> Cheers,
> Antoine

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