[winswitch] xpra HTML5 Client behind Apache

Jürgen Weber juergen at jwi.de
Thu Jun 11 11:06:37 BST 2020

I'd like Apache 2.4 to serve xpra's HTML5 Client.

I tried

<Location "/xpra">
  ProxyPass wss://localhost:14500
  ProxyPassReverse wss://localhost:14500

  ProxyPass http://localhost:14500
  ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:14500

the xpra client comes up in the browser, but does not work, also looks
like it does not find its css.

proxy_wstunnel_module is enabled, no error in the Apache log.

Has anybody a working configuration?

I had a look at https://github.com/websockets/ws/issues/893
but this is at / and about ssl.


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