[winswitch] multiple users with html5

Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Wed Mar 11 14:11:01 GMT 2020

On 3/10/20 11:05 PM, Antoine Martin wrote:
> The xpra proxy can do pretty much the same thing. ie as root:
> xpra proxy --bind-tcp= --tcp-auth=sys
> Then you can authenticate as individual unix users on that proxy and
> request a new sessions.

Thanks! This is what I was looking for. It's working but with a caveat.

When I try to use '--tcp-auth=sys' I cannot login. Xpra outputs:

Error: PAM authentication check failed:
  No module named 'xpra.server.pam'

I'm using Xpra 3.0.6 on RHEL 7. When I use 'tcp-auth=allow' it works, but obviously 
I need pam instead.

Am I missing something else?


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