[winswitch] multiple users with html5

Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Thu Mar 12 13:27:54 GMT 2020

On 3/11/20 11:02 PM, Antoine Martin wrote:
> That's odd, the module is present with a default 64-bit CentOS 7
> installation of python2-xpra-server-3.0.6-0.r25195:
> ls -la /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/xpra/server/pam.so
> You can test that it imports successfully with:
> python -c "from xpra.server import pam"
> Maybe one of the libraries pam needs is not installed? ie:
> yum install pam
> Otherwise you'll have to figure out what is missing with:
> ldd /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/xpra/server/pam.so
>> I'm using Xpra 3.0.6 on RHEL 7. When I use 'tcp-auth=allow' it works,
>> but obviously I need pam instead.
> Yes, if your users all have system accounts then it's easier.
> Otherwise, you can try another backend (ie: sqlite)
> FYI: you can run your server with "-d auth" to get more authentication
> debugging output.

Thanks for the pointers. I was using the Fedora package rebuilt for RHEL 7. The 
Fedora package was not shipping the PAM binary module. After a rebuild with PAM 
enabled auth is working. I'll inform the maintainer.

One final issue: Sessions are not closing when the user disconnects.

I am using 'xpra proxy --bind-tcp= --html=on --tcp-auth=pam 
--exit-with-client=yes --terminate-children=yes --exit-with-children=yes' and after 
a user disconnects the 'xpra start', X server, and pulseaudio are left running. I 
would have expected the session to fully exit. Am I wrong or am I doing something wrong?


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