[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 3.0.7: many fixes, one important

Antoine Martin antoine at devloop.org.uk
Mon Mar 16 16:05:20 GMT 2020

For anyone experiencing keyboard mapping problems with non-X11 clients,
in particular keys accessed using the AltGr modifier key, please see:
This fix will be included in 3.0.8


On 14/03/2020 00:36, Antoine Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> There's a large number of bug fixes in this release, including a fix for
> a very old bug which can cause client crashes when decoding H264
> streams. There is also the usual set of clipboard and keyboard fixes,
> and a smattering of platform and other minor issues (transparency, etc).
> Updating is strongly recommended.
> Release notes:
> * fix avcodec2 race condition crash
> * fix errors when re-initializing windows (ie: toggling OpenGL)
> * fix deiconification error when there are system trays forwarded
> * fix missing alpha channel when some windows are first shown
> * fix systemd-run errors: verify it does work before trying to use it
> * fix debug builds compilation error on MS Windows
> * fix server crashes on SIGINT: shutdown cleanly
> * fix proxy server client connection setup error hanlder
> * fix file authentication handler using a default password filename
> * fix directshow errors on local mingw installations
> * fix opengl properties missing from server hello packet
> * fix HTML5 sound-control errors when speaker forwarding is disabled
> * fix HTML5 "Terminate" options wrongly enabled in "Connect" mode
> * fix clipboard sharing with the MacOS shadow server
> * fix MS Windows clipboard access denied errors
> * fix X11 clipboard error handling: continue processing
> * fix unit tests failures (clipboard, etc)
> * fix bug report clipboard copy and screnshots
> * fix clipboard timeouts when a client disconnects
> * fix mdns cleanup done twice on server exit, causing errors
> * fix malformed XSettings due to invalid color data format
> * fix FreeBSD builds
> * fix MS Windows packaging missing a codec DLL, Plink DLL
> * fix HMAC hashes exposed, keep only valid options
> * fix 'showconfig' output for boolean values set to 'auto'
> * fix parsing of client display information in legacy format
> * fix validation of size-hints
> * fix cursor saving debug code with GTK3
> * fix keyboard layout group not getting reset on client exit
> * fix some empty keyboard layout group strings parsed as non-empty
> * fix keyboard-sync mode not being honoured by servers
> * fix keyboard raw mode
> * fix missing 'perispomeni' key mapping with Python 2 servers
> * add missing debug logging to keyboard mapping
> * more reliable lookup of keycodes when translating (non-X11 clients)
> * add missing dependency for printer forwarding on Debian
> * packaging for Ubuntu Focal Fossa
> * skip bundling some external test modules with binary installers
> * more correct code for locating the 'Downloads' folder on MS Windows
> * avoid spurious background worker warnings on exit
> * make unavoidable comtypes error less scary
> * add 'libreoffice' to the text mode whitelist
> * library updates: Python 3.8.2, etc
> * packaging workarounds for setuptools breakage
> Cheers,
> Antoine

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