[winswitch] profile.d not load

carl langlois crl.langlois at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 13:45:27 BST 2020

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried your suggestions and here is what
i can see.

1- with --start-child="xterm -ls"
    What i see is that only the xterm get the environment variable from
profile.d . All other application from the Xpra menu does does get those
variables. So does not work for me.
2-  with --start-desktop
     This work but i dont't need and want the full desktop. In our
infrastructure(Ovirt) some people use full desktop over Spice
protocol(virt-viewer). and the others used Xpra for seamless integration.

The only way i was able to make this work is to remote execute a ssh
command like this "bash -l -c xpra start :display". For what i understand
this work because the xpra server is started with a login shell and
child process will get all the variables from profile.d.

The only weird thing is that in Centos7 i never had this kind of problem.
Not sure why Ubuntu have a different behavior.

Thanks & Regards.


On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 4:18 AM Berg, Alexander <alexander.berg at atos.net>

> Hi Carl,
> I'm solving this by
>     --start-child="xterm -ls"
> This starts an xterm with a login shell.
> You could also use a desktop-session like
>     xpra start-desktop ssh:user at server --start-child="startxfce4"
> --exit-with-children
> Maybe there is a better workaround?
> With kind regards,
>     Alex
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> Hi,
> I am currently having trouble getting some global variable to be load when
> start xpra.
> I am using this command to start xpra from the client
> xpra start ssh:user at server
> Xpra does start correctly on the server and i can attach to it. But some of
> the variable defined in the profile.d are not present.
> This is probably something related to interactive vs non-interactive
> shell...
> How can i make Xpra start with full login shell?
> Thanks
> Regards
> cl
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