[winswitch] Xpra 4.0 packages for CentOS 7.x

Joakim Ziegler joakim at terminalmx.com
Wed May 20 06:47:34 BST 2020

On Tue, May 19, 2020 at 11:54 PM Antoine Martin via shifter-users <
shifter-users at lists.devloop.org.uk> wrote:
> On 20/05/2020 11:41, Joakim Ziegler via shifter-users wrote:

>> Hello, are Xpra 4.0 packages for CentOS 7.x (specifically, 7.8) planned
>> time soon?No, Xpra v4 requires Python 3.

> CentOS 7.x is missing too many python3 packages to build xpra at present:
> https://xpra.org/trac/ticket/2760#comment:2

I see that most of the problems seem to be solvable with EPEL, which I
already use. Is there any way to make this work presently? All of our
workstations are stuck on CentOS 7 because of various software
compatibility issues.

Alternatively, can I use Xpra 4.0 on the server and 3 on the clients? Or
will I need to downgrade everything to 3?

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