[winswitch] What do you use XPra for?

Stavros stdedos at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 10:17:56 BST 2020

crl.langlois at gmail.com (carl langlois):
> Hi.
> Yes I already reported it in this group. Do not remember if I had open a
> ticket. When we discussed it it was something really hard to reproduce and
> no clear steps to reproduce. Kind of the mouse not honoring left click but
> if you click on the right button it kind of reset itself...For other mouse
> related issue there is I think a couple relates to Java that we are also
> affected by.. mouse being offsets of the actual clicking.
> Carl

That reminds me about a bug that I had mostly with and about-a-year-ago
Sublime Merge version. It would somehow "lock" the pointer, and not
accept any input, unless I right-click, left-click for a considerate
amount of time, repeatedly (I cannot find the ticket right now). It has
happened with other apps too, but I haven't seen it recently as far as I

Sadly, I think the solution was to update Sublime Merge.
You "could" try --opengl=no (but I don't remember if/how that did help).
Yours faithfully,

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