[winswitch] XKB layout

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 17:05:12 BST 2021

>> X11 files are there in the guest, but under a different directory
>> (/gnu/store). guix doesn't use /usr. If xpra uses some env var to
>> check where X11 files should be, I can open an issue in guix and
>> they'll make sure this env is set when xpra is run.
> No, there is nothing you could possibly do in xpra.
Scratch that - sorry for the misinformation:

You can now override the path with:
XPRA_XKB_CONFIG_ROOT=/gnu/store/wherever xpra start ..

>> What I did by passing --expose was to share files from my ArchLinux
>> box. I'll be using this hack since it worked.
>> Anyway, I did expect problems, but I didn't know how to debug.
>> Therefore I came here.
>>> The keyboard layout and variant should be detected correctly.
>>> You can run:
>>> xpra/platform/keyboard.py
>>> To see what comes out.
>> Okay, I filled an issue in the tracker:
>> https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra/issues/3075


> Thanks!
> Antoine
>>> This may not work properly under wayland, which does not have an API for
>>> querying those settings.
>> I'm using X11.
>> Wayland, never again.

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