[winswitch] Fedora33 xpra h264 encoding support not working

Terry Barnaby terry at beam.ltd.uk
Wed May 26 14:44:04 BST 2021

On 26/05/2021 14:30, Michael Cronenworth via shifter-users wrote:
> On 5/26/21 8:17 AM, Terry Barnaby via shifter-users wrote:
>> As a slight aside to this. My "dnf install xpra" from the Fedora33 
>> repositories + rpmfusion + fedora-cisco-openh264 repositories does in 
>> fact have h264 and h265 support. So I presume the Fedora33 standard 
>> ffmpeg is being extended to support h264 by "plugin" h264 packages 
>> from those external repos. I'm not sure it supports hardware vaapi 
>> h264/h265 though.
> No. FFMpeg does not support plugins.
> Installing 'xpra' will only install the Fedora package. Fedora 
> packages cannot require an external package such as from RPMFusion 
> (xpra-codecs-freeworld). You installed this yourself.
>> Actually I see that the Fedora33 xpra is using xpra-codecs-freeworld 
>> from rpmfusion.
> Correct. It is possible to ship packages in RPMFusion that could 
> either replace or extend software that requires patent encumbered 
> software. The 'xpra-codecs-freeworld' package allows linking with 
> ffmpeg and extending xpra support. Anyone could correct Fedora 
> packaging to match upstream's (Antoine's) standards. Fedora is not a 
> closed ecosystem. Many upstream maintainers publish their own packages 
> directly in Fedora.
>> I presume with those hardware codecs the license is with the hardware ? 
> No.
Are you sure that hardware based H264/HEVC encoder/decoder usage license 
is not covered by the manufacturer/supplier of the hardware codecs ?

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