[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 4.2.3 - no major bugs

Antoine Martin totaam at xpra.org
Mon Oct 4 10:44:20 BST 2021


I was hoping to have Xpra 4.3 released by now but since there are still 
important features being worked on, here is an interim release from the 
4.2.x branch in the meantime.
There are no major fixes in this release but there were sufficient 
niggling little bugs to warrant an update.

There are numerous fixes to the network layer (http, AES, validation, 
VNC mode, mmap, etc), encoder updates and warnings / logging tweaks, the 
usual set of packaging updates an assorted mix of small bug fixes 
(clipboard, cosmetic, etc).

The more detailed release notes can be found here:



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