[winswitch] automatic scaling for hidpi (4k) inconsistent

Thomas Esposito tmesposito00 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 23:10:03 GMT 2022

I recently upgraded from a 1080p laptop to a 4k laptop. I use Windows 10
for my client and have windows "Scale and Layout" set to 200% for my 4K
screen and 100% for the others. When I have my Windows desktop expanded on
multiple non-4k screens (i.e. 1440p), xpra windows automatically scale to
200% when they are on the 4k laptop screen and switch to 100% on the non-4k
screens. This is with xpra's built-in display scaling set to  "None".
However, when I am using ONLY the 4k laptop screen by itself, xpra windows
aren't scaled, even though the windows display scaling is set to 200%. I
need to manually set the xpra display scaling to 200% for everything to be

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