[winswitch] HTML Client - howto and problems

xpra at zellners.com xpra at zellners.com
Tue Jun 7 06:18:11 BST 2022

Using Xpra 4.3.3 on Kubuntu 20.04....both server and client.

I am testing out the HTML client to possibly allow for use case when  
SSH and X11 is not available, but a web browser is... but I run into  
some issues

1) Proper server startup ??

Following the wiki, man page and numerous sites adding

--bind-tcp= --html=on should do the trick, correct?

No joy, UNLESS I REMOVE the --bind-tcp option... then the Xpra server  
will start. otherwise get an error about already in use on ...

So has this changed and the bind is automatic by default????? Or????

So I add --html=on to the startup

xpra start --html=on --env=XPRA_VAAPI=0 --env=CUTTER_THRESHOLD=0 :100  

That works.... everything starts... I can use xpra-connect and  
connect.. good to go on my normal mode...



OK.. get the login box....ok..

a) First issue:

  Connect option:  "NO SESSIONS FOUND" in red

  I am taking this "connect" option would be what I do via the  
xpra_connect setup I have, already, connect up to the running XPRA on  
:100 let me see what its doing, etc., disconnect come back to it as  
needed.. Thats my use case mostly, check up on a program that runs  
long term...

Is that correct for this connect option???????

b) Second issue:

Using the SHADOW OPTION and it gives a drop down, :0, obviously the  
desktop thats there.. and then :100 which is the session I STARTED  
ABOVE... OK... select shadow and :100 from the drop down...

Connects up, and after the initial transfer, I get session :0,  NOT  
:100.. Doesn't matter how many times I change the dropdown from :0 to  
:100 it will NOT CONNECT TO THAT :100 session in shadow


c) Infinite loop connection

IF you try the connection LOCALLY ON THE SAME BOX as the server via  
HTML5 client in browser, because it is shadowing :0 it just causes an  
infinite loop where the browser window just shows that toolbar and  
just keeps redrawing it infinitely

d) The process that won't die!

This shadow connection starts another xpra server for :0, and it just  
WON'T DIE! You can tell it to shutdown via the HTML5 client option, it  
doesn't shut down, and when you disconnect you will have 2 XPRA  
processes running, the original :100 and this new :0 process, and sudo  
kill -9 pid will kill it and then it RESPAWNS... the only way to kill  
that is to HARD REBOOT the box!

e) Password entry issues

Seems to get things to connect the first time, I have to enter the  
password twice, even if its saved and auto entered by the browser, and  
hitting the eye to show it, it is correct, will connect, FAIL  
VALIDATION, and then enter it again, or let browser fill in again, and  
2nd time works. shrug

Comments, insights, welcome... Thanks!

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