[winswitch] HTML Client - howto and problems

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Wed Jun 15 13:47:15 BST 2022

Quoting Antoine Martin via shifter-users <shifter-users at lists.devloop.org.uk>:

> Can you please specify the wiki page so that I can amend it?

I used about 10 so or web sites from the GitHub to the xpra.org site,  
to piece together what should be used...

> The html5 client documentation uses port 10000, which is usually free:
> https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra-html5#usage

Yeah, that was one of them and then comparing to the numerous other  
sites saying how to do this..

> That's because the xpra package runs a proxy server on port 14500 so  
> you cannot start another server on the same port.

Is this documented??? Its defeinitely is not something I was aware of  
that XPRA started this "proxy"

And all the other sites around various search results all point to use  
14500 and theres even a results which says XPRA got a NANA port  
officially of 14500, so I take that to mean that the HTML server  
defaults to 14500, and the tcp bind fails as it starts automaticly...   
so I remove it from the startup

>> xpra start --html=on --env=XPRA_VAAPI=0 --env=CUTTER_THRESHOLD=0  
>> :100 --start=/home/theprogramIstartup
> "--env=XPRA_VAAPI=0" is also the default.

The VAPI may be the default, back when I first started with XPRA this  
was a requirement to get it work, due to Video card issues.. on the  
this server.... so I leave it to ensure that things start with what I  
know works.

> But if the proxy server doesn't see the server you started, it is  
> unlikely to work.

Ok... I have perfect storm where things collide on me using this setup  
and some changes with that setup... but.. any way...

I use:

xpra start --bind-tcp= --html=on --env=XPRA_VAAPI=0  
--env=CUTTER_THRESHOLD=0 :100 --start=/home/TheProgram

Start up works.. its running...

xpra connect via my xpra_launcher on my desktop -- GOOD!


Glitch... no SSL!

Ok... looking at the /var/log... it needs something else for SSL

" no certificate paths specified
2022-06-14 13:47:36,069  you must specify an 'ssl-cert' file to use  
ssl sockets

OK... I don't remember seeing that listed on the HTML examples....no biggie...

so based on some digging I think that this startup then would be

xpra start --bind-tcp= --ssl-cert=/etc/xpra/ssl-cert.pem  
--ssl=on --html=on --env=XPRA_VAAPI=0 --env=CUTTER_THRESHOLD=0 :100  

> Sounds like a bug.
> The "xpra start" session on ":100" should have shown up in the  
> "connect" list, not in the "shadow" list.

Connecting to the PROXY on 14500 only thing I get is the list in the  
SHADOW list.. the CONNECT shows: no connections found... I guess I  
should file a issue/bug at the github on it???? I don't want to file a  
bug, if there is more a issue with the user as in the startup  

>> c) Infinite loop connection

> I'm not 100% sure I understand, but shadowing your own local display  
> does create a sort of nested paint loop. That's expected.

Yeah... I figure the same.. I included for completeness... and since I  
missed this whole proxy thing... to start.. just ignore it.. that as  
you said expected behavior, I agree when you take that into account.

> shadow servers don't re-spawn, perhaps it is the proxy server that  
> you're killing - this one is managed as a systemd service and will  
> be re-spawned.

pgrep gives me two processes when I connect via that proxy.. and after  
disconnection its still there... I get kill happy when I close out a  
program and it still has lingering processes... so thats likely the  
case... it won't be an issue since I know the proxy exists... and I  
won't be using it any way...

>> e) Password entry issues

I think that is related to the whole proxy thing... using the HTML  
client things connect... takes the user/pass .. PLBKC

Just curious... does the whole AUDIO MISSING pass through to the HTML  
client from that bug that is fixed in 4.4??? I enabled it in the  
ADVANCED OPTIONS.. webm:opus... I will play with it some more if  
should be coming through in the HTML V5.0 client.. maybe I need to  
find the right codex to use.. I just used the default real quick.....  
opus, as that I know was used in the regular client...


Biggest thing is the conflicting info I got.. and use conflated to  
wrong setup command.. ok... resolved...

I can't touch this too much now (MY ISSUE) so I will restart it to  
enforce SSL use later with the command above... as once I do that, I  
can forward through the firewall and to the client to access this  
remotely since I don't have X11 on that one setup I want to use... and  
I've yet to find any X11 server that is worth anything for Android  

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