[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] xpra 0.9.0

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Apr 24 19:49:40 BST 2013

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This new major release brings many new features, but more importantly
a large number of important bug fixes throughout.

Here are some of the key new features and fixes:
* remote session start: xpra start ssh:host:DISP --start-child=cmd
* more sound codec support (wav, flac, opus..)
* MS Windows fixes (clipboard, caps and num lock synchronization)
* Platform fixes: IPv6 server, Python 2.4 fixes, SELinux labels, etc
* better launcher and support for launching from ".xpra" session files

The source:
Direct binary downloads:


PS: as usual, the Mac OSX build failed some last minute testing and
will be posted later.

Full releases notes:
- - fix focus problems with old Xvfb display servers
- - fix RPM SELinux labelling of static codec builds (CentOS)
- - fix CentOS 5.x compatibility
- - fix Python 2.4 and 2.5 compatibility (many)
- - fix clipboard with MS Windows clients
- - fix failed server upgrades killing the virtual display
- - fix screenshot command with "OR" windows
- - fix support for "OR" windows that move and resize
- - IPv6 server support
- - support for many more audio codecs: flac, opus, wavpack, wav, speex
- - support starting remote sessions with "xpra start"
- - support for Xdummy with CentOS 6.4 onwards
- - add --log-file command line option
- - add clipboard regex string filtering
- - add clipboard transfer in progress animation via system tray
- - detect broken/slow connections and temporarily grey out windows
- - reduce regular packet header sizes using numeric lookup tables
- - allow more options in xpra config and launcher files
- - MS Windows fixes for Caps Lock and Num Lock synchronization
- - MS Windows and OSX builds trim the amount of GStreamer plugins shipped
- - MS Windows, OSX and static codec builds (Ubuntu Lucid, Debian
Squeeze) updated to libav 9.4
- - MS Windows and OSX builds updated to use Python 2.7.4
- - MS Windows library updates (pyasn1, numpy, webp)
- - OSX library updates (mpfr, x264, pyasn1, numpy, webp), fixed sound
- - safer test for windows to ignore (window IDs starts at 1 again)
- - expose more version and statistical data via xpra info
- - improved OpenGL client rendering (still disabled by default)
- - upgrade to rencode 1.0.2
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