[winswitch] Difficulty installing/running on Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)

Arthur Zey arthur at deltawerx.com
Wed Aug 7 00:00:22 BST 2013

Please forgive the elementary nature of this question, but most of my
previous experience has been in Windows, and only about a year ago have I
started really getting into Linux (Ubuntu), and only just within the last
few weeks have I consistently started using a Mac as my primary computer.

I've installed Windows-Switch on my Ubuntu 13.04 machine according to the
instructions here:

I followed up by running "sudo apt-get install xpra python-wimpiggy" (since
"sudo apt-get upgrade" indicated that those packages could be upgraded, but
it wouldn't do it automatically) before launching Windows-Switch from the
application launcher (which I assume I won't have to do in the future,
since it'll launch automatically on startup, right?), and it went through
the initial run process. I got a few error messages (something about having
to do SSH tunneling and something about what I think was related to
automatic discovery of clients), but I'm not worried about that quite yet.
(Eventually, the program I expect to be using through this is Pidgin, but I
don't have that up and running on this computer yet.) The point is that,
unlike what I'll describe below on the Mac, the Ubuntu machine properly
places a Windows-Switch icon in the Ubuntu equivalent of a system tray, as
pictured here: https://winswitch.org/documentation/start.html

The problem I'm having is on my primary laptop (which I ultimately want to
display the Pidgin process). I followed the instructions for Intel-based
Macs here: http://winswitch.org/downloads/

(My computer is a MacBook Pro Retina, running 10.8.4 on a 2.4 GHz Intel
Core i7--is there any other information that would be diagnostically

During the installation, I dragged the icon into the Applications folder,
then launched it. After clicking "Open" on the obligatory
are-you-sure-because-this-was-downloaded-from-the-interwebs! message, it
put an icon on my dock and briefly displayed a notification saying that it
was setting some stuff up for first use (like it did on the Ubuntu
machine). However, it does not create an icon in my "system tray", as I
expected (and as is pictured here:
https://winswitch.org/documentation/start.html ). Instead, the dock icon
remains with a little light underneath it indicating that it's currently
running. Clicking on the dock icon for Window-Switch does nothing, nor does
it have any windows associated with it. Quitting and restarting the process
makes no difference; neither does uninstalling and reinstalling it (which,
on a Mac, I understand is accomplished merely by sending the item to Trash
from the Applications folder, then re-copying it from the downloaded image).

Could anyone shed some light and help me figure this out, please?

Thank you so very much in advance!

Best Regards,

Arthur Zey
Arthur at DeltaWerx.com

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