[winswitch] xpra 0.10.0

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Aug 13 07:45:08 BST 2013


This new major release brings many new features, here are some of the highlights (full release notes below):
* performance: server side and client side performance are both much improved
* better support for the latest encoder features (where available)
* support for window and tray transparency (*)
* support for custom window layouts (see --window-layout)
* cleaner code, much more maintainable and debuggable

The source:
Direct binary downloads:


Full release notes:
* performance: X11 shared memory (XShm) pixels transfers
* performance: zero-copy window pixels to picture encoders
* performance: zero copy decoded pixels to window (but not with OpenGL..)
* performance: multi-threaded x264 encoding and decoding
* support for speed tuning (latency vs bandwidth) with more encodings (png, jpeg, rgb)
* support for grayscale and palette based png encoding
* support for window and tray transparency
* support webp lossless
* support x264's "ultrafast" preset
* support forwarding of group-leader application window information
* prevent slow encoding from creating backlogs
* OpenGL accelerated client rendering enabled by default wherever supported
* register as a generic URL handler
* fullscreen toggle support
* stricter Cython code
* better handling of sound buffering and overruns
* better OSX support, handle UI stalls more gracefully, system trays
* experimental support for a Qt based client
* support for different window layouts with custom widgets
* basic support of OSX shadow servers
* don't try to synchronize with clipboards that do not exist (for shadow servers mostly)
* refactoring: move features and components to sub-modules
* refactoring: split X11 bindings from pure gtk code
* refactoring: codecs split encoding and decoding side
* refactoring: move more common code to utility classes
* refactoring: remove direct dependency on gobject in many places
* refactoring: platform code better separated
* refactoring: move wimpiggy inside xpra, delete parti
* export and expose more version information (x264/vpx/webp/PIL, OpenGL..)
* export compiler information with build (Cython, C compiler, etc)
* export much more debugging information about system state and statistics
* simplify non-UI subcommands and their packets, also use rencode ("xpra info", "xpra version", etc)

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