[winswitch] build and packaging warning for 0.10.x

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Aug 13 08:49:45 BST 2013

For those who intend to deploy from source or build their own package 
(for some distro or other), please note:
[1] there are now a number of patches in src/patches/, more than likely 
you will need to apply some of them
[2] as mentioned earlier today, we target ffmpeg 1.2.x - though libav 
should work after patching
The following projects that we bundle in our source tree have not pulled 
any of our fixes or improvements (yes, those have been submitted) - use 
that at your own risk, you get to keep the pieces when it breaks:
[3] rencode: stalled since December 2012
[4] python-webm: stalled since March 2012



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