[winswitch] xpra-0.17.0 on Centos 7

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Apr 26 05:43:08 BST 2016

On 25/04/16 19:24, Bob Tennent wrote:
>  >|I can reproduce this by using the wrong host or display,
>  >|but if the parameters are correct - things connect fine
>  >|over SSH with 0.17. Please include your distro, command
>  >|lines, etc..
> Distro was included in the material snipped:
>   Xpra gtk2 client version 0.17.0-r12474
>   running on Linux CentOS Linux 7.2.1511 Core
> Command line:
>   xpra attach ssh:<host>:100
> "wrong host or display"?  This works with xpra-0.16.3-1.el7_2.
> Similar results on two different Centos 7 systems, with
> remote host running either 0.17.0 or 0.16.3.
This worked for me:
$ yum list xpra | grep "^xpra"
xpra.x86_64                      0.17.0-1.el7_2
$ cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)
$ xpra start :10 --start=xterm
$ xpra attach ssh:localhost:10
Attached to ssh:localhost:10 (press Control-C to detach)

Does it work if you run it locally like I did? Does "xpra list" work?

I think I may know what is happening in your case: are you launching via
su from a non-login session?
This would manifest itself as a server start up failure instead of a
client connection failure, but it would fit the bill.
More details on the awful mess created by the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR idea can
be found here:

If that's the case, you may need to create the directory
"/run/user/$UID" on the server if it does not exist yet, or edit the
config file to not refer to it.


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