[winswitch] clueless new user w/prob(s?): xpra start - "start" - invalid mode+init error

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sat Nov 12 07:29:10 GMT 2016

On 11/11/16 23:29, L.A. Walsh via shifter-users wrote:
> I really don't know what I'm doing, or the benefit(s) of xpra/winshift over
> a regular X session,
For most people:
* it doesn't die if your connection does, you can re-attach
* it's faster
* sound, printing, etc..
That's all here:

> but I'm having problems even "starting".
More details needed on what you're doing where.

> I'm trying to start a server, locally so I can try starting clients to
> display on it, but it doesn't seem to like the 'start' flag.
> Currently, I use the X-server from cygwin running as ":0" to display
> X-clients coming from an "almost headless" linux-server (who also
> have DISPLAY set to my winbox (DISPLAY=athenae:0).
> By almost headless, I mean that the video HW  on the linux-box
> is not good for doing much beyond displaying a text console, so
> I don't even run an X server on the linux box.  I rely on the
> Win7SP1x64 client for display -- mostly gvim instances and maybe
> a machine-status prog like xosview.  Rarely, I bring up
> other X-using progs on the server, like firefox -- but those
> are rare usages since for things like that I use programs
> running on the Windows box.
> I have tried to forward sound a few times, but generally gave up
> on that as being too complicated to setup or just not working so well.
It should work out of the box on supported distributions (anything
recent should do).

> I would *like* to have GLX working to allow running GLX using programs
> on the linux box to display on my Windows box which has a decent
> graphics card.
Xdummy supports software OpenGL, so this should work out of the box too.
On distros that use the Xvfb fallback (mostly Ubuntu), you may want to
look here (TLDR: use VirtualGL):

> I usually disable security between linux and my Winbox as it
> slows things down and is unneeded (really!).  The winbox isn't
> on the outside net(internet), and uses the server to access outside
> services.
I'm not sure what "security" you are talking about, but if you're
relying on the Linux box as your gateway I wouldn't disable all defences
just "because it is Linux".

> Anyway, how would something as basic as "start" not
> work when I run it on the winbox?
> Exact error is "xpra initialization error: invalid mode 'start'".
"start" is used to start a new seamless session, MS Windows does not
support *exporting* seamless sessions, only connecting to them.
Either run the "xpra start" on your Linux server and connect to it
later, or in one swoop:
xpra_cmd.exe start ssh:LINUXHOST --start=xterm

> Any idea why something so basic wouldn't work or give any useful
> hint as to what was wrong?
There is also a man page with more details, which is also online:

Any help in improving the manual or wiki to make this clearer is always
much appreciated.


> Thanks!
> -linda
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