[winswitch] How data flows through Xpra server and proxy

Aaditya Shidham aashidham at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 01:35:16 GMT 2016


I have the following invocation of Xpra:

xpra start :5455 --bind-tcp= --html=on --no-daemon

And then I can get graphical programs in an Xpra client to load through

DISPLAY=:5455 xeyes

I'm curious how data for the x11 packets go through the Xpra program. It
seems that Xvfb is what handles the xeyes by storing the display in memory.
How does this data then pass to the rest of Xpra? According to (
I need to use -fbdir to access this virtual memory, but this isn't used
when Xvfb is invoked by Xpra.

Also where is the local Unix socket used? I can see where the local domain
Unix socket is set inside xpra/scripts/server.py, but I don't see where it
is ever used. It seems to be named partially after the :5455
(~/.xpra/ip-XXX-XX-XX-5455), but where are the two connected?

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