[winswitch] This server does not export any commands and No users

martin smeagol271006 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 04:12:15 GMT 2012

Hi all in the user list,

The forum is giving me 500 errors or something. 

Here is the related topic in google cache


Tried running the script from /usr/lib/winswitch/load_xsessions_test.py
as root

I get


The connections seem to be running fine: Run from 'shodan' host

Name Address Enabled Connected SSH
asus-1201n yes yes yes
shodan yes yes yes

No problem here. Avahi works fine. Discovered servers pop up and ask for
password. I enter username password. I can see the uptime values, debian
version an all that stuff.

Still when I click on server properties "NO USERS FOUND". I get this
message from local or remote server.

And also from remote or local servers I get
"This server does not export any commands!"

my winswitch boot sequence

my server config

content from /usr/share/xsessions/gnome.desktop 

This is driving me nuts! 
Xpra works fine if run by itself (at least connecting to localhost).

I humbly thank everyone for their help.

smeagol271006 at gmail.com

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