[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] xpra 0.4.0

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon Jul 23 09:19:23 BST 2012


There are many bug fixes and some significant improvements in this 
release, see the full release notes below for details. Here is a brief 
* fixes for window dimensions, command exit code, packaging, etc
* many fixes and improvements for x264/vpx video encoding/decoding
* keyboard fixes (still), partial revert of the previous "fix"
* better latency and interactivity
* more dynamic framerate adjustments, based on more metrics
* improved launcher GUI
* various build and packaging improvements

This new release will be supported for about 6 months. The 0.3 release 
will continue to be supported for about 3 months with major bug-fixes, 
maybe slightly longer if needed.

As usual, the source can be found here:
And the binaries here:


Full release notes:
* fix client application resizing its own window
* fix window dimensions hints not applied
* fix memleak in x264 cleanup code
* fix xpra command exit code (more complete fix)
* fix latency bottleneck in processing of damage requests
* fix free uninitialized pointers in video decoder initialization error 
* fix x264 related crash when resizing windows to one pixel width or height
* fix accounting of client decode time: ignore figure in case of 
decoding error
* fix subversion build information detection on MS Windows
* fix some binary packages which were missing some menu icons
* restore keyboard compatiblity code for MS Windows and OSX clients
* use padded buffers to prevent colourspace conversion from reading 
random memory
* release Python's GIL during vpx and x264 compression and colourspace 
* better UI launcher: UI improvements, detect encodings, fix 
standalone/win32 usage, minimize window once the client has started
* "xpra stop" disconnects all potential clients cleanly before exiting
* x264 used memory aligned buffer for better performance
* avoid vpx/x264 overhead for very small damage regions
* detect dead connection with ping packets: disconnect if echo not received
* force a full refresh when the encoding is changed
* more dynamic framerate performance adjustments, based on more metrics
* new menu option to toggle keyboard sync at runtime
* vpx/x264 runtime imports: detect broken installations and warn, but 
ignore when the codec is simply not installed
* enable environment debugging for damage batching via 
"XPRA_DEBUG_LATENCY" env variable
* simplify build by using setup file to generate all constants
* text clients now ignore packets they are not meant to handle
* removed compression menu since the default is good enough
* "xpra info" reports all build version information
* report server pygtk/gtk versions and show them on session info dialog 
and "xpra info"
* ignore dependency issues during sdist/clean phase of build
* record more statistics (mostly latency) in test reports
* documentation and logging added to code, moved test code out of main 
* better MS Windows installer graphics
* include distribution name in RPM version/filename
* CentOS 6 RPMs now depends on libvpx rather than a statically linked 
* CentOS static ffmpeg build with memalign for better performance
* debian: build with hardening features
* debian: don't record as modified the files we know we modify during 
debian build
* MS Windows build: allow user to set --without-vpx / --without-x264 in 
the batch file
* MS Windows build fix: simpler/cleaner build for vpx/x264's codec.pyd
* no longer bundle parti window manager

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